Thursday, January 29, 2009

Theen Tamasha

Kim Kyoungae -  Malavika Rajnarayan - Sonatina Mendes 
Three friends, Three women, Three artists = Theen tamasha!

Theen Tamasha is a "blogging website" set up by three artists in order to share their works with a wider audience.  A blog traditionally offers a  method of interaction that is independent of any mediating factors, and sets a space for engagement and information that is personalized and direct. A website is a space normally used by artists to showcase their work. Theen Tamasha is a combination of the two! 

The objective is to encourage more people to look at art by placing it within a framework that is familiar to them, as well as for art lovers who may be caught within the constraints of time and therefore not be able to visit galleries as frequently as they may desire. 

A brief introduction to each artist, along with five visuals of their current work has been posted for immediate viewing. People interested in the work may contact the artists directly, or via the galleries or art consultants who also handle their representation, to make enquiries. Prices of art works will be disclosed only on request.

On a monthly basis the artists will provide updates on their "speak space".

Kim Kyoungae
Born : 8th June 1966

Malavika Rajnarayan
Born : 17th May 1982

Sonatina Mendes
Born : 7th August 1983

Kim Kyoungae's work employs a language that seams together the variants of an Asian sensibility that is both poetic and decorative. Her subjects are fleshed from her everyday world that encompasses multiple layers of engagement through the various roles she inhabits as wife, mother, homemaker, artist, friend, daughter, traveller. Choosing India as her "other" home, she has connected her roots from South Korea to  create its moorings in this cultural space that she now belongs to. Her works display her imaginative world through a language that is richly referenced from both these heritages, that come together to make her new world today. A cupboard in her room or the teacup in her studio become metaphors in the metaphysical landscapes she paints, where the transposition of meanings makes them become theatrical stages of enactment for us to behold.

Five recent works of Kim Kyoungae

Nostalgia- 3   Acrylic on canvas   48" X 48"  2008

From the lair-2  Acrylic on canvas  18" X 18" 2008

Untitled   Acrylic on canvas   48" X 48"   2008

Moderato - 10   Acrylic on canvas   48" X 48"   2007

Moderato - 5   Acrylic on canvas    60" X 60"    2007

Artist's work also handled by:

Hacienda gallery, Mumbai. Tel: 91 22 22837232 Email:

Gallery Beyond, Mumbai.   Tel: 91 22 22837345/46 Website:

Varsha Navin, Baroda.

Contact :

Malavika Rajnarayan's work employs the territory of  fables and reality to conjure personalized myths that each of us can then enter to make our own. Delicately drawn, her linear dexterity has a poetic quality that enhances the feminine that she chooses to hold as precious, within the feminist politics that governs her life.  Her palette is vibrant in her acrylic paintings, yet her ink works and graphite drawings that are more quiet equally hold the power to communicate her world of ideas. The narrative nature of her works find echoes from the world of Indian miniatures, yet she infuses her language with a contemporaneity that mirrors her preoccupations with global art history, as it presents itself today. Literature and cinema are areas that feed her imaginative world, as does travelling and music.

Five recent works of Malavika Rajnarayan

   Echoes of a Music Lesson  Acrylic on canvas 
 Assemblage of 5 paintings 63" X 63" (Total area) 2007

Vigilante  Acrylic on canvas  60" X 48"  2007

Volatilis  Acrylic on canvas  12" X 10" 2008

Standing in the Dark  Acrylic on canvas  12" x 10" 2008

Medicines that Mend   Acrylic on Canvas  48" X 30"  2007

Artist's work also handled by :

Anant Art Gallery, New Delhi. Tel: 91 11 41554775  Email:

Hacienda Gallery, Mumbai. Tel: 91 22 22837232 Email:

Galerie Mirchandani + Steinruecke, Mumbai. Tel: 91 22 22023030  Email:


Sonatina Mendes's works though figurative have spaces within them that employ an understanding of how to convey meaning through modules that are more abstractly evocative. Her world of images are often triggered from specific points of observation. These then cartwheel into wider zones of meaning through her ability to form associations that she harnesses from her other worlds of experiences. Like her own personality, the silence  in her work is not empty, but resonates with a pulsating life that commands you to listen. The works are often beguilingly simple, but the closer you communion with it the more the labyrinth of its meanings begin to unfold. 

Five recent works of Sonatina Mendes

House in Nowhere  48" X 48"  Oil on Canvas  2008

Breaking Into  30" X 42"  Oil on Canvas  2008

Crossing the River  17" X 18"  Oil on Canvas  2008

Studio II  17" X 18"  Oil on Canvas  2008

Corridor Dreamer  60" X 48"  Oil on Canvas  2008

Artists work also handled by :

Hacienda Gallery, Mumbai. Tel: 91 22 22837232 Email:

Gallery Art and Soul, Mumbai. Tel: 91 22 24965798 Email:

Lemongrasshopper, Ahmedabad. Tel: 91 79 40061963 Email:


Kim Kyoungae - Malavika Rajnarayan - Sonatina Mendes are artists who individually conduct art workshops, travel extensively, and who find the stimulus of residency programs exciting and challenging.

 Stay tuned to our Speak Space! 


  1. I think it's great that the three of you are sharing this space to show your work. There is some kind of element unifying your works though they are diverse in content and concept. I found it very satisfying and would love to see more of your work, and hope one day to curate a show with you!! Thanks Malavika. All the best. Lina Vincent

  2. I think the paintings are all absolutely fantastic... mysterious yet familiar.. Keep up the good work.

  3. Wow, Kim I am pleased to read about you here in Seoul. Wish you best ahead in life.