Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Theen Tamasha is now Karishma D'souza, Malavika Rajnarayan & Sonatina Mendes

Energies often get altered in spaces of sharing and as a collective, we have always held the spirit of openness to accommodate change. The core group of Theen Tamasha has been reshuffled with the rationale of bringing together three friends from the same generation, who have studied together and continue their practice within structures of close interaction. We take delight in welcoming Karishma D'souza as a core group member. Kim Kyoungae will continue to be a part of Theen Tamasha & Friends.

Karishma D'souza was also one of the artists who participated in our recent group exhibition 'Feminine Syntax : Personal Biographies' curated by Rekha Rodwittiya. You can read more about her here and in our Open Window section

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