Thursday, October 15, 2009

Speakspace: When blossoms are stained...

Yoon Dooree, born in Pusan, South Korea in 1928.  Yoon, a fifteen years old girl was picked up from near her home by Japanese soldiers.  She became a sex slave for Japanese soldiers during the Second World War. Yoon had been living in Woolsan, near her hometown since she was released from the Japanese military camp. She never had gone back to her hometown. 

She had isolated herself from her family, friends, relatives and everybody whomever she knew. There was nobody to carry out the funeral when she died a few months ago.  

I still remember, so clearly, what she had said in an interview: “I am not willing to accept compensation because money has no meaning at this stage of my life. But I will fight for an apology from the Japanese government”.


Painted by one of the victims

The cherry blossom symbolises Japan. 

It is also eloquent about the myth that the tree sucks blood from deaths and blossoms in red.

Kim Kyoungae

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