Thursday, March 4, 2010

Speakspace: Interaction with students in Bangalore

I presented a slide lecture at the Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath in Bangalore last morning to a group of undergraduate students from the final year and post graduate students. Having already shown them a selection of my works a couple of years ago, I chose to put together art works from contemporary art-history to create a context of lineages, connections and points of historical interest that could perhaps form an aegis for viewing my work. Here are some of my favourites. Click on the links for more information about the artists.

Lorna Simpson   Waterbearer  gelatin silver print, vinyl lettering, photograph   1986

Shirin Neshat Whispers Ink on silver gelatin print 1997

Sudhir Patwardhan Difficulty in Telling the Truth Acrylic on canvas 2005

Nilima Sheikh About Season - 6 Tempera on pasted paper on board 1986

N.S.Harsha Poetics of Cosmic Orphans Acrylic on canvas 2006

Mona Hatoum Keffiyeh 1993-99

Nicola Durvasula The Design of Accessories and Untitled  Pencil and gouache 2006

Malavika Rajnarayan

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