Monday, March 7, 2011

Feminine Syntax : Personal Biographies - Kim Seola

When an image becomes a remembrance......

For me the desire to paint is what anchors me to art at all times, and which creates a connection to my existence and the world around me as I live today. Perhaps the act of painting (for me) suggests the potential ability to reclaim that essential factor of life where experience, perception and sensibility can converge to create a work in which the human spirit of life becomes the pivotal focus, and which records time by the interpretations we give to it.

In the contemporary context of an art practice today diversity is what I believe allows individuality and difference to exist. What engages me as an Asian artist are those elements that retain the primeval force and influence art within societies, and which in later times becomes a collective legacy to all. Awareness of the self and one’s surroundings filter such influences of impact for me, and are what holds my own desire to locate myself in India currently.

That the most trifling of occurrences or the most mundane of objects like dry leaves, or the discarded and forgotten, all become worthy as emblems that can hold memory and which reveal. It is this that feeds the imagery in my paintings, where the form gets transposed and meanings get altered through the designation of purpose that they become invested with.

Kim Seola


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